Felipe Jaramillo

Born in Colombia, Felipe is able to bring a uniquely cinematographic approach, incorporating a refreshing authenticity and an undeniable realism, to his work. He has been bringing his own innovative style to TV commercials and music videos in South America and the USA since 1998. He is clearly pursuing something fresh, original and decidedly unique. Among the top Colombian directors, he credits his success to his passion for photography, an art that taught him about design and how to look for striking images and then compose them to create dramatic stories. This refined visual style as well as his ability to communicate with people, whether it is a child or an actor

with years of experience, enables him to effectively tell his story in his commercials and films. Being fluent in English and Spanish allows him to interact with his clients and creative crews worldwide. His originality, use of contemporary language and his great sense of humor characteristically make working with this director exceptionally rewarding. He has been a finalist in Clio Awards and NYF; as well has received important awards in Venezuela and Colombia. Felipe Jaramillo knows the commercial production industry inside and out, an authentic communicator with keen insight; he has the expertise and passion to take any commercial to its next level and beyond.