Hernán Enríquez

Hernán Enriquez is one of the first graduates from the Image and Sound Design Career in the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he also worked at the Art History course, the Audiovisual Design course and the Graphic Kinetic Design postgraduate course. Before getting into the advertisement world, he took part of some multimedia theatre pieces, directed several TV shows and worked in various full-length films, always in the direction department.
He’s been working for more than 15 years as Director for advertisement spots both for national and international agencies. Joining the opening of the Argentinean market, he has worked for countries like U.S.A, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Spain, Peru, Colombia and Paraguay, among others.

In those countries he worked for big brands such as Nestle, Bimbo, Kellogs, Jcs Jhonson, Kraft, Danone, Bayer, Got Milk, Philips, Geox, etc. Due to his formal education, a very distinctive feature in his work is the production of very high aesthetic publicity spots in which he combines different techniques: live action, compositing, animation and product shoot, developing this way a very versatile style of making unique publicity spots.