Christina Hodnet

Christina Hodnet’s work brings about thoughts of insightful honesty and authenticity. Her film encapsulates romance and sweetness, the unconditional love of a parent, the genuine affection between friends and the exploration of a young child. She captures moments that are alive with emotion and connect with her audience. Her innate understanding of sublime moments of interaction between people blends with her spirit as a woman and her patience as a mother, giving her the ability to capture the innocent nuances of children, babies, teens, parents, family life, and fashion.

Christina exposes the beautifully awkward and imperfect reality life offers up. Finding the small nuances that make a moment unique. “I’m interested in the moment in between the moments,” she says. “The photo you don’t post because it’s not perfect, but in reality is more representational of your life and charming than the perfect one.” With uncompromising performances she delivers a consistent beauty to her film and a cinematic reality.

Growing up in San Diego, California Christina got her first experiences in the film industry as a young teen in front of the camera. That ignited a spark that lead her to pursue a degree at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She resides between Toronto and Los Angeles with her husband, two children, Snowball the Hamster and one large dog named Orvis.